February 22, 2011

The Banker's Heart

The other day I read this: 

Whose heart would you chose if you needed a heart transplant: that of a marathon runner, a triathlete, or a 74-year-old Republican banker? The correct answer is the latter. You would choose the banker's heart, since it would never have been used.

And this is for you Carl Wimmer and your banker heart: You are a shame to my community, to my state, and you certainly do not represent me.

Your plan of turning my community into the "wild wild west" by carrying a gun without a permit is certainly not my idea of the "American Dream". What it is "there is beauty all around when there is a gun in the home"? 
Besides the gun thing, you initially ran for this seat based on improving children's educational opportunities. Where are the results of your work? You have failed many children with your positions regarding education. And you will be failing many more children with your proposed bill to deny undocumented college students in-state-tuition. 

The kids you are seeking to punish for their circumstances (circumstances that got out of these children's hands when they were brought to America by their parents, without any knowledge, let alone consent of the decision). And frankly, until the United States can produce an equal number of engineers and scientists on par with our economic competitors: China, India, and Europe then I do not think it is a wise decision to keep more people out of college.  

Your reasoning behind this bill Mr Wimmer is that the DREAM ACT was rejected by America, when in fact it passed the U.S. House and had the support of 55 U.S. senators (I am not a mathematician but that looks like a majority to me). A minority of illogical senators, whose interests lie more in playing political theater and filibustering EVERYTHING was what prevented a final vote on the legislation. Democracy at its worst! 

Nobody is asking for a handout. But everybody should have a fair opportunity to improve themselves. Kids need to believe that they have a chance, that they can fulfill their dreams and that we as parents, as a community, are all in it together to support their goals and ambitions. After all, these children are as American as you Mr. Wimmer. This is the only country they have ever known. America became known as the land of opportunity for a reason. These children are not a threat to our liberties. In fact, if we educate them and embrace them as our own, they will enhance our way of life and allow us to continue with our position as a superpower on the world stage. 

Do they have a chance?
So why do you give these kids a slap in the face because they are not of "our own kind"? If we turn our back on all TWO MILLION of these undocumented children currently residing in the U.S. do you know where they will turn? Drugs, gangs, violence, and add continuous burden on our already taxed prison system. And I doubt you, Mr. Wimmer, would then be sponsoring a bill to remedy this moral decay; first, because it will be too late and second, because you will be long gone.
Try to run for Congress if you want. Good luck, and I hope you give up your seat to focus on that pursuit. I would hate to see our district suffer because our representative is busy spending all his time running for another office rather than doing the job elected to do. And while on the subject of our state legislature, I suggest you enjoy the next two years you have left with all your nonsense rather than picking battles that you have no knowledge of (or empathy on). Worry about your own education or lack thereof because a YOUNG, HOT LATINA who does know what she is talking about might end up taking your seat.

In closing Mr. Wimmer, never forget that an education is a basic human RIGHT, not a privilege, and I do not think it is wise for someone who has never even set foot in an institution of higher learning, prohibit others from obtaining a college degree. Benjamin Franklin said it best:

"An education is the investment with the greatest returns" 

P.S. This is what happens when people are uneducated:

 They sell merchandise that has the wrong spelling!
Columbia? It's COLOMBIA with an "O" please.


  1. wow amiga couldn't of said it better. awesome post, I will make sure to share!

  2. right on. great post. i really enjoyed it. i cant believe the things coming from these so called representatives.

  3. He is a disgrace! Politics in Utah is one big joke. Sandstrom, Chaffetz, Oda... could it get any worse? Yes it can. The fact that Utah's voter turnout rate hovers around a pathetic 14%.

  4. Came across this and a very well written article about the biggest A-hole at the legislature.