January 14, 2011


Valentine's Day is my absolute favorite holiday! I have so much planned, come back and check out how I go crazy during this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So those of you who go to my parties know that I own several of these burlap sacs which I have put to good use by making the kids race. 
And the adults,too...
Well, by now I am afraid only kids will be dropped off at my parties and no parent will dare join the party in fear of having to race again so please don't worry! My sacs are turning into something else. To start check this one out:
I ended up adding more hearts. See later post to view final product.

You will need to cut the burlap into strips of approx 6" wide.

Wreath from the Dollar Store. It doesn't matter what it looks like since it will be all covered anyway.

Wrap the burlap around it until it's of your like. You will have to hot glue at least the beginning tip of the first peace to make sure it stays wrapped.   

Heart sticks also from the Dollar Store. Break them in half and stick them in.
I had so much fun doing this!!!!!!!!
The idea I got from here just that instead of flowers I added the hearts since I wanted a valentine's wreath. 

under my umbrella

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