January 10, 2011

Tooth Fairy or Ratoncito Perez

Katy is almost loosing a tooth and what a big event is this turning into! She has wanted to lose one for so long and seeing all her friends going on lost tooth # 3 or 4 made her feel a bit inpatient.
The following idea I got from one of the crafty blogs I follow and I thought it was the perfect beginning to our Lose-A-Tooth-Event: Her own little box for The Tooth Fairy or El Ratoncito Perez (whoever decides to come that night). As you may imagine, growing up in Colombia there is not such a thing as the Tooth Fairy; our visits are from El Ratoncito Perez (the little Perez mouse). I don't know why a mouse and why Perez but it always made sense to me.

Got the little box -you guessed it right- at Hobby Lobby. To make it more personalized I also got her letter K. And with some Mod Podge (I couldn't live without this stuff) ribbon and scrapbook paper....    

...we turned the little box into this!!!!!!!!! I love how cute it turned out and my sweet daughter helped me all the way! (Cut the scrapbook paper to fit the different sides of the box, mod podge/glue it to the box and then glue the ribbon and the letter)

Idea courtesy of: 
The Crafting Chicks

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