January 26, 2011


Coming from the background I do, I guess you should have expected I have been to the opera many times. You are getting confused, that was my mother. I have only been once and back in Colombia, never here. And then one day I found out that the Utah Opera was doing Hansel and Gretel: One of my favorite childhood fairy tales ever. So being that this was going to be a child appropriate production I jumped right on it and we headed to the beautiful Capitol Theater. 

I loved everything about it- I knew I would- from dressing up for it to feeling in the air the elegance of the place. 
The opera was all in German, for what I didn't have a problem, in fact I am always pleased to have an opportunity to practice one of my "native" tongues since I rarely get to do so. But I did worry Katy would get bored. Right above the stage there was a screen that displayed the translation at a fast speed but she is not yet a speed reader. I spent quite the time interpreting but even when I didn't she was really into it anyway. She enjoyed it as much as I did. And once again she has surprised me with her maturity and appreciation for the good things around her. 

See what I mean???:

With the witch...

I love my children more than life can tell and I want them to have the opportunities to grow as well rounded individuals. I hope because of that exposure, later in life they can choose what it is that will truly define them. I know I can be biased a little (a lot...) but- Amor: you know you can take them to a ball game anytime!!!!!!!!!-  

Maybe you can't tell from the pictures how high up our seats were, but they really were, and, as usual for me, the beauty of knowing people wherever I go paid off :) I knew one of the ushers from working with her in the past at the hospital and she nicely sent us down to our very own private box!!!!!! (this private box never sold so it wasn't being used ) More than perfect view, more than perfect everything! 

The next day Katy,excitingly, got to tell her class everything about it and can I just tell you Little Women is next???? Yuppie!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Looks like a FUN girls night. Those pictures are really cute too!

  2. Your blog is great! Hope you don't mind me checking it out. You made me want to go to an Opera sometime.

  3. Darling pics. What a fun mommy-daughter date! I love the idea of giving your kids different opportunities to grow and experience different things.