January 6, 2011

Creativity but when kids are NOT sick!

Nope I did not make these recently. Baby has been sick since Monday and it has been a constant battle to sleep, to eat, to relax, to have any time at all for myself. Today she is finally better and it feels now like a blur...........
so I wanted to blog to get away from it all but my brain is fried and then I realized I had these projects I never shared with you.

Found this mirror piece at the DI for $1.00. Removed the heart piece at the top. Taped the edges around the mirror and painted the whole thing green. 

At last, hot glued the gerber flower (Hobby Lobby) and there it is. Very cheap, very easy, not time consuming at all.

Now my little mirror goes on a wall that was bothering me tons for being bare. And it perfectly goes with my garden/toad themed bathroom.

And there was another wall that bugged me for its bareness. I purchased some wood letters (Hobby Lobby), craft and spray paint and an old frame from the DI.
Letters in the making. First spray paint them in the color you want them. Once dried with a paint brush paint the polka dots or lines. (use masking tape for the lines) 
Hope you can see sort of how the finished product turned out. For safety, I don't like using my children's names online. 

When I placed the letters on the wall I noticed something was missing. That is when I decided to go get a frame (just the frame), spray paint it and: ta daaaa!!!

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