January 20, 2011

Love is in the AIR

Yes, I like branches and trees and any related home decor. After Fall and Christmas I wanted to keep going with the trend...
Started out with plain ornaments on the branches:

Picked some of my favorite family pictures:

And put them together. The result: Our very own Family Valentine's tree:

The heart ornaments I got for sale at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. ($2.00) Hurry! They are still on sale for this week.  I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them and knew I had to create something around them.
After hanging them on the branches, my brilliant sister in law suggested I added the B&W wallet size pictures. Two minds together work wonders!!!!!!!!
Trimmed the photo edges with some cool shaped scissors, and used hair pins (yes, you read right) also on sale for $2.00 at Hobby Lobby to pin them to the ornaments.
Can I just tell you  LOVE IS IN THE AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The following idea I got from the Crafting Chicks/Pottery Barn and I knew it was totally for me.  

This is how to do it:

Two sheets of felt. Cut the first sheet in half with a semi circle (I traced a plate to make the circular shape). This one will make the front of the envelope. The second one (after having measured with a ruler) is the back of the envelope with the flap (I estimated the angles to make the flap)
Glue both pieces together using a glue gun.

Use embroidery floss (white) to make a decorative stitch in the front and back of the envelop. Sorry-blurry picture-

Hot glued the decorative trim on the edges

And at last hot glued the heart (made out of another color of felt) and ribbon. 

Making the three envelopes for my kids cost me less than $4.00 and it took me   about an hour. But the best reward: seeing my kid's smile this morning as they woke up and with enthusiasm read their love notes. I started out this morning by placing love notes inside but I will probably vary that. So you can put whatever you want inside (as long as it fits!).
Nothing better to make them feel super loved as you send them off to school...

On another note: After some serious wait Katrina lost her FIRST tooth TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Darling Valentine decorations!! You are amazing. Congrats to Katrina! How exciting.

  2. You officially have my permission to steal any of my ideas. Besides, I totally used the tooth fairy box for Akiko's last tooth. Wish I'd thought of that. She loved it! Frankly, so did I.

  3. I love your Valentine Tree. So cute :) The envolopes turned out super cute too!