January 30, 2011

It's not all about changing diapers

It's not all about cleaning, cooking and doing laundry. It's not all about doing homework and chauffeuring kids to dance, soccer, guitar, etc practice. It's not all about doctor's visits and School Counsel meetings. It's not all about play dates and nap times. It's not all about dressing baby, undressing baby, and dressing baby again. It's not only about feeding and warming bottles. It's not only about the hundred's of diapers you change.
It's also about all those who are with you along the way. The ones who see you cry and see you laugh. The ones who bring the best in you and remember that aside from a mother you are a friend, too. The ones who call you FRIEND.

Girls Night Out at PF Changs!!!

A Saturday with old neighbors and DEAR friends!!!!!



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