January 16, 2011

The good old times

The other day I was "featured" publicly in this picture. Can you find me?
I'm the only one without bangs... but that's another story....
As my sister in law viewed this picture, she couldn't help but admiring our Selena look but the thing is none of us had never even heard of her so I really can't tell you which look we were imitating about "5" years ago...

And then my mind traveled back and I felt mixed emotions. Gratitude for having a record of my past; excitement to be reminded of how much fun we used to have; laughter as I admired our sense of style and make up (right Naty???); joy to know that the very same girls in that picture were friends then and are friends now wherever we all may be; pleased to know that we've all made good choices that have given us a fulfilling life. 
And sadness as I miss everything about that beautiful time in my life: Las QuinceaƱeras. -The celebration of one's 15th birthday marking the transition from childhood to womanhood- 
We celebrated BIG. Our homes or party venues decorated beautifully, lavish menus, elegant dresses, the waltz, family, friends. Oh how much I miss that...
I can only do one thing now: 
-To be grateful that I once was a QuinceaƱera 
-That I have daughters that someday will be one...and the party is on!!!! 

Us lately! 

As you can see from the label, Natalia is standing right next to me in the "old" picture in the blue dress. So this is for you my dear friend: You know you were my best friend and I loved you, I still do and I know you will always love me in return in spite of my comment below: 
"Metamorphosis!!From a Cocoon to a butterfly!!" 
I know, I know!!! I experienced metamorphosis as well!!!!
My gorgeous friend is now living in Florida and is the news reporter/anchor for one of the most popular shows in Spanish Television: Primer Impacto (Acces Hollywood equivalent) Check her out in the Univision channel every afternoon. 

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