January 5, 2011

Bye Bye 2010


The beauty of New Years is represented in the eagerness and consciousness of men to set new goals and resolutions. I'd like to think that even with so many ugly and unwholesome acts performed by humankind, we are still good. We want better, we want to BE better.  
Just like that, 2010 is over and with it many memories have gone into my "Book of Life." I am moving on. Letting go of those feelings of disappointment caused by those who were close to me. They will not dwell in my heart no longer. And instead today I only remember the good things and all the ways in which I've been blessed: 
Blessed to have the knowledge of my purpose in life, where I came from and where I'm going. To be able to share that knowledge with my loved ones as well as so many others around me. Blessed for my talents and gifts and even for the lack of. Blessed to be given second chances and many opportunities to grow and be better. Blessed to be loved and blessed to LOVE. It really has been a great year, It really has been a great LIFE! 

Leading up to the New Years we celebrated Birthdays (Thank you Rodizio!!! You did it again!!!)

We danced until dawn welcoming the New Year. And who says you can't have fun with children and without alcohol. (Thank You Familia Lira!!)
Ok I admit it! Amor didn't feel like dancing at all that night (aging???...) but a wonderful husband does what he's gotta do to make wife happy...at least for a little while ;)


And we started the New Year seeing long time and truly dear friends.
When you talk about welcoming, loving, accepting and caring people, the W's are who you are talking about. Tawna and her family took me under their wings when I first arrived here and was living lost in the culture and lost in the language. I don't remember what attracted Tawna to first start a conversation with me at school nor what we talked about but I do remember vividly her sweet and sincere smile and sparkles in her eyes of care for a stranger then....and it hasn't changed a bit.  
On the other hand visiting them in the outskirts of Ogden was bringing back peace that you can only get in the country life and also making a dream come true as Katy's own words put it: "I always wished to be living in the country and smelling this...." (can you guess what she was smelling???)
With MOM!

Friends Forever!

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