December 9, 2010

Un Pesebre/ Live Nativity

The city of Draper has been holding a live nativity for a few years now. This year we decided it was time to go check it out. I thought it would be a good teaching moment for my kids about the true meaning of Christmas. And indeed it was! And yes it was outdoors and it was COLD...but so worth it.
We saw donkeys, goats, sheeps and even camels. E' was fascinated touching the camels and Katy, of course, worried they were going to spit on her...
As we walked through "Bethlehem" we saw the sheperds, a boy and his father carpenter, the women at the well, the merchants in the street, the woman making Naan-no words are really spoken by the actors but Katy did approach the woman and asked her what she was making to what she answered: "Bread"- I was very pleased that she really wanted to learn. We also encountered The Innkeeper as he said to us the words: "There is no room in the Inn," the wise men and finally Mary and Joseph with beautiful and sweet Baby Jesus. 
The kids were happy. They asked with excitement if he was the real Baby Jesus. To bad the answer was no but the feeling of peace and joy was the same then and now. And that's what's important: That they know it's true. That he was born and that HE LIVES.      

E' and the CAMEL

MUCHO FRIO....brrrrrr

* En medio del frio estuvimos en un pesebre que resemblaba casi exactamente la antigua Belen y el verdadero nacimiento de Jesucristo. Mi hijos preguntaron al verlo si el era en realidad el Niño Dios y aunque la respuesta fue no, el sentimiento de felicidad y paz que se sintió fue el mismo tanto en esos tiempos como hoy. Y eso es lo que importa: Que ellos sepan que es verdad. Que El nació. Que EL VIVE.*

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