December 19, 2010

A Sweet Treat

My affection to Mason Jars started this summer when my brother-in- law Garrett married Silvia. Their wedding was so beautiful and she used the jars (decorated of course) to designate the guests seating assignments as well as  wedding favors. 
So during these last 4 months since their August wedding, I've taken several trips to the DI (thrift store) in the search of Mason jars and more Mason jars. By the time December arrived I had happily accumulated an extensive amount of them. I knew all along I wanted to use them as Christmas gifts but I didn't know how exactly to turn them into finally after much thought this is what I came up with:

And I'm so HAPPY with the final result.
I made chocolate lollipops; wrapped them in cellophane paper with a ribbon. Used more ribbon (the same ribbon I bought at Hobby Lobby and that I've used for almost everything I've decorated this Christmas) to make a bow for the jars and our very own handwritten "Feliz Navidad" tag and ta dah!!!!!!!!!!!
We made a special night out of it to go deliver all these to our neighbors and friends. The kids felt special and in charge of such task and their happiness was evident as they made others happy by gifting these.

During the hours making the chocolates I was transported back to my childhood/teenage years when I used to make them every night with my grandma and then sell them the next day at school during recess. To the kids at my school it was the treat they looked forward to everyday. My chocolates  sold out within minutes and the lines were long for those wanting to buy them. And the best part I made money and learned the value of it and the value of work and budgeting. To bad that's something my kids cannot do this day in age at their schools with all the health codes and health hazards and the everybody suing everybody mentality...

Once at home we also got to enjoy the leftover lollipops (see below):

On the other hand I was so consumed with the gifts and activities from our advent calendar that I didn't give much importance to the idea of the stockings. I really didn't think I had any more wall room to hang them up or the energy to come up with a special arrangement for them. Also I guess the fact of not being brought up with that tradition, made me not worry much about it.
But Amor kept insisting, like one of those little kids that tell you over and over again what they want for their birthday but in a really nice, non- pushy way...well that's how he did and of course my heart melted...
...And then I found some room, and an unused curtain rod and of course more ribbon and ta dah....not that fancy but fancy enough for my children who'll have a blast discovering what's inside of them on Christmas day.
**Amor's stocking was specially crocheted when he was a baby by his grandma. Such sweet and precious memories must that bring to him** 

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