December 22, 2010


 Like every year during this time, I took the kids to see Santa. We went to the  mall with Aura and her kids. Katy wanted to make sure that she was on the nice list and asked Santa about it. Santa, who was darling, made her feel "a lot better." Funny they would not let us use our personal cameras for pictures so I don't have evidence of the moment. Well, with all the Christmas commercialism, which I absolutely hate, at least meeting Santa was free! 

My darling princess relieved and happy after meeting with Santa and finding out she is not on the naughty list.

We also made our way to the dinosaur park. Katy and E spend a lot of hours here as babies, not Baby. Today was her first time and with my busy life now who knows when I get to do it again...

Jacob picking on usual.

Jacob again picking on cute.

A few nights later Erika took me as her "date" to her company's Christmas party in Park City. Can't complain: Great friend, great food, and great prizes. I won a $50 gift card to TGI Friday's and so did she!! (to Darden). Erika had never won at a ruffle or game before. I always win, always have. I told her I would rub unto her some of my good luck and IT WORKED!!!

SHE WON!!!!!!!!

And then it was time to celebrate Scott's birthday. Jen (and Diana, too) did such a great job with the food. YUM YUM YUM!!! 

Our lovely hostess!!

The yummy food!!!

We played The white elephant game and this is what Jen funny..back to the shoulder pads era!!!

Ever been to a Posada???? Well, I never had. My friend Teresa hosted one for us and it was so much fun. The kids had a blast, you can always tell when you don't see them all night because they are so busy playing. LOL. 

A Posada consists of a get together between family, friends, and neighbors every night for the last 9 days before Christmas. In Colombia we call this a Novena and it's slightly different. I remember vividly our get-togethers with our friends at my home and other's homes (we rotate homes during those 9 days). We would play musical instruments, sing Villancicos (Latin Christmas tunes) and eat buñuelos, natilla, etc (Colombian type snacks). At Tere's Posada we ate tamales and other Mexican delicacies. We didn't sing or played our own stuff but listened to some great music. Something different for me was the Piñata for the fun is that!!!! If we start spending the holidays in Colombia my kids are going to expect now to have a Piñata when we do the Novenas... ;)   
Some of us...
With the lovely hostess:Tere and Nayeli

Us...and Baby way back in background...

Two Colombians (Nubia and I) at a Mexican Posada.  

My little social butterfly making friends!

And then we had a pool party, a pool party during Christmas time. FUN!

which finished at our lovely host's house with a delicious dinner, which included ham and cheese rolls. YUM!


  1. You have been busy girl! No wonder we haven't seen you much. Hope you're enjoying the holidays.

  2. thanks Vivian for documenting fun times and for sharing them with us. Si no lo haces tu, no se quien lo haria...jeje