December 15, 2010

I will love you FOREVER

We are celebrating our wedding anniversary. I look back and see how fast time has gone. I look back and see these have been without a doubt the best years of my life. I look back and see that I would not change a thing. I look back and think that regardless of the ups and downs and the trials we have encountered, I only keep the happy memories in my heart. I look back and see that I love him more now than before. I look back and see that I am so blessed for having him and for not having to go through this journey alone. I look back and feel more than grateful that after all I did have my fairy tale because at first sight without not even knowing his name yet that still and small voice told me firmly that "He was going to be my husband."

Our motto and what's engraved in our wedding rings: I will love you FOREVER. My promise, his promise: FOREVER.

As Baby has been sick lately I stare with marvel at his patience and care leaving all tiredness behind to give his baby comfort, to give his wife a quite and peaceful time, to give his family only but the best. I am thankful for little moments like these that I can think deeply and be reminded: I will love you FOREVER. 

Flores colombianas que me regal√≥ Amor/ I got Flowers...all the way from Colombia!!  


  1. This is a really sweet post. 8 years! I think when I first met you guys, you were still newlyweds. Time does fly, Jorge and I will celebrate 5 YEARS in June. I can't believe it. So funny about the flowers though, Jorge ALWAYS makes sure mine come from Colombia too ;-). Nothing but the best...