December 1, 2010

Countdown to Christmas

My Advent Christmas Calendar.

It's official and we are on our way to Christmas. 

My kids are still little to understand well the concept of time. Katy with the help of visuals does quite well but E'...that boy thinks every day is his birthday and every day is Christmas and if you tell him otherwise he gets SOOOOOO UPSET. So, for that reason I love any kind of activity that helps him countdown the days until the big event.

I got the idea of making this specific Advent Calendar from the Pottery Barn. It retailed at $300. Unbelievable! So I got my own branches from the trees in my backyard, bought some rope (so cheap) at Hobby Lobby and sprayed painted those typical red plastic cups into silver which I then later filled up with all kinds of goodies I've been buying throughout the days at Target Dollar Spot (love love that place!). 

I wanted them painted silver because in the area where I was to hang this project up, I also had other decorations with silver including my dinning room table centerpiece. See below:

Just a simple red platter (Hobby Lobby), glass vase and candles with red and silver ribbon around them and yes..more branches (spray painted silver).

Another view of the centerpiece

More pictures as I was working on the Calendar:

*Spray painting the cups. For the numbers I used white craft paint.

*I cut the branches to the desired measurement using garden scissors. Used a simple office hole punch to make the holes in the cups where the rope went  trough. 

It took a lot of twisting and untwisting and tying and untying. I didn't really measure anything just kind of did it by eye. At the end I added some Christmas flowers (which, after 8 years, I still have by the bunch thanks to my Christmas wedding) and the final result: Totally LOVE IT! Needless to say my kids are so EXCITED! Let the countdown begin!!

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