November 15, 2010

Wishing every weekend was like THIS ONE!!!

Could've not asked for a better weekend. It was one of those where you get everything you need to start the dreaded Monday routine with excitement. When in my weekend I manage to have all this: dancing, friends, Colombia, food, theater, the touch of the spirit and testimony build up, then I remember LIFE IS SWEET!

Friday night we went to Marilyn and Wyatt's wedding. Marilyn is the daughter of my parent's long time friends from Barranquilla. This sweet couple married in the Salt Lake Temple and then held the reception at this beautiful garden in Highland. The food was CAFE RIO!! Love that place, little did I know they cater to weddings, too. Of course they had my favorite: TRES LECHES..yummmm! and topped with the wedding cake: AREQUIPE (dulce the leche) then you guessed right: I might have as well been in heaven!
But as you know a true latin wedding aside from the food involves mingling with friends and DANCING!! We danced to merengue, bachata, salsa, cumbia, reggaeton. They also had a Colombian group who performed some of the most known folk songs from my country. Fun times, another chance for my kids to learn and appreciate where I come from and the richness of my culture.
Needless to say neither one of us, even the kids, wanted the night to be over!!
Gracias Familia Coronell!!!  

Making them still during this lively event was serious task!

My life

My heart

The smallest diva of the wedding among dancing feet!


Kids making mami proud: dancing!

A sample of the cuteness of the wedding

And it was time for the Colombians to show them how to do it!!!! 

Huepaje!!!!! Cumbia!!!!!

Two dancers in the making..

The folk music group

Elkin y su pasiĆ³n musical que a todos nos alegra la vida!

And then on Saturday night Amor and I went to see the musical "Salvador del Mundo" at the conference center. This production was entirely in Spanish with all local and Hispanic cast. I was impressed on how much talent there is among the Hispanic community here, specially among member of my church. What a job well done!!! Their voices were like true angels and their acting transported you back to the time Jesus was born and then resurrected. We felt the spirit so strong which testified one more time that He LIVES and He is our Savior. 
I really wish I would have been more on top of it and invite more people to go and see it. This experience was worth sharing with many of you!!!!

The video/DVD will coming out next year to be distributed throughout the world. It will be official merchandise from the LDS Church so I am excited to be able to share it then. 

With my mom who was part of the cast

Other cast members after the play

After the play with my mom and hubby


  1. that was a great weekend!. Your mom looks soo cute!. I had a lot of friends that participated too in the program! couldnt' go there were no tickets left!. I am glad you had tons of fun at the wedding! Marilyn looked beautiful and we couldn't of asked for more. It was the perfect night and the dancing was awesome :)