November 26, 2010


Today was a very special day. In the United States we celebrate Thanksgiving and in my world we are celebrating my birthday. Another year has gone and I see all the goodness around me and how much I have been given. Today I am grateful, extremely grateful, for the love Heavenly Father has for me. For the unconditional support of my family and for my true friends, many of whom dispersed in every corner of the world, made this Thanksgiving an even more special one by acknowledging and remembering my birthday. 
Thank you LIFE!
***Gracias vida por el amor de mi Padre Celestial, por el apoyo incondicional de mi familia y por mis amigos verdaderos que a traves de la distancia hoy se hicieron presente para hacerme feliz!***

Kids proudly showing off their Thanksgiving crafts. 

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  1. estos pavitos son muy encanta recordar los días felices en que todos estabamos juntos en el barrio.