November 23, 2010


As I seat here now I can see through the window and see the worst blizzard since 2003. At least that's what the news say. Honestly I don't remember a blizzard back then, to me when it snows it's just all the same, cold and ugly and the unfortunate reason to hibernate and not get out of the house.

A view of my circle from my porch, and it's just starting...

It's been white all around for a week or so. One morning after it had snowed big for the first time this season E' asked me if it was Christmas yet. I laughed but he is totally right: It does feel like Christmas. 
I also can't help but wonder if the days are gone (at least this year) when my son and his buddies' outside fun is gone. 
Like my friend Heather put it about her son Kade, E' from morning till dawn lived to play outside with this friends. They rode bikes and scooters or anything with wheels on it, they dug out worms (which I often found by the 100's all over my driveway) jumped on the trampoline, dressed up as super heroes chasing each other,etc. Really, it has been neverending fun!

The cute kids on the block

I can only be grateful that we live in a safe enough neighborhood for my kids to be free and enjoy like children should do and also grateful to be surrounded by so many kids giving them so many choices with whom to play and what to do. I really longed for this. I wanted my kids to have what I had and the memories I treasure the most. Those of countless hours outside with my neighbors and friends having good clean fun. Playing la lleva y el escondite, o bolita uñita o a las carreras,o al batallón, kickball, o al reinado.   
(Suspiro) Recordar es vivir otra vez!!!! - To Remember is to live again!!!
Our prayers were surely answered by moving here. 

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