November 5, 2010


My adorable kids back in Easter 2010

Today was one of those days that everything seemed to go wrong!
To start out the alarm clock didn't go off so therefore I was late in getting Katy up and ready for school. This girl REALLY needs her time to get pretty; she will not wear just any outfit nor go with just any hairdo (sigh!). Yes we had a little bit of a battle but not as bad as what was to come. 
E' had been sick and awake throughout the night. I had hoped to find him well after sleeping for a couple hours but instead I found an even more miserable little boy. So off to the doctor we went. I was so afraid it would turn out to be pneumonia of anything of that sort. But to my surprise it was Strep. First strep infection for E'. What a relief to find a cause right away and be able to provide treatment. He got an antibiotic shot and that was it for him.
As I arrive home and get the kids out of the car, because my garage is cramped with so many things and there's barely any space for the van to fit, I couldn't close the van door so I had to turn around and close it facing my back to the car. My eyes were not on the door and sadly got Baby's foot caught in between. Just imagine the force that one uses to close a door. She cried and cried in pain and my heart completely drowned. The swelling and the bruising got bad so I drove soon after the incident to Hospital's ER while my amazing, again AMAZING, neighbor Heather stayed with a very sick little boy who only had the energy to lay in bed.
I prayed silently as I drove to the hospital, I prayed silently as I waited to be seen, I prayed and I prayed and I breathed deeply which helped me relax and accept that either way whether broken or not it was simply an accident and that my Baby would be OK.
After painful x-rays a fracture was ruled out. What a relief!
I came back home and Aunt K showed up too help and kept E' company as I got lunch and housework done. Baby went for a long nap of 3 hours and she woke up happy, like she always does and decided she had had enough "traumas" and was going to walk and so she did. As I write this she has been walking for about three hours. I know it must be uncomfortable for her but I think in her mind she thinks walking and all the fun it brings it's worth the pain. E', although still not himself, is also improving. We anticipate a speedy recovery for both of them.
These stressful events lasted 24 hours and although at the time it felt like an eternity and I ached everywhere with guilt and worry, I have such peace. Peace to know that prayers are answered, that I can be strong and that I am truly blessed. That there are tears but as a mother I am doing God's work. I am above all a mother and I wouldn't trade that for anything in the world. 
Below the best link lately on motherhood by Elder Holland:

In between all this I also managed to squeeze in Parent Teacher Conference. As expected I only received the best compliments about my Katrina. She is excelling in all areas of school and is deeply loved by her Teacher: Shelly Forman.
At the end of the conference we purchased a book for Mrs Forman as a gift. Also Katrina had mentioned a couple days before that she had her eyes set on this specific Hanna Montana book (go figure). The price caught me by surprise but how could I say no after receiving such great news about her. To bad the book wasn't sold out when we got there because I think she would have settled for something else but that's Katrina's luck! She got what she wanted she got what she deserved. I am so proud of her. TE AMO  mi hija linda!!!

At the entrance of her 1st grade classroom

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