November 28, 2010

Feliz Cumpleaños!!

I will post now about my birthday and a few happenings of the day. After a tasty turkey dinner I was honored at my house by those closest to me and to the super joy of the kids two cakes with candles were blown.  

Only the adults are happy to smile and look at the camera.  

The sister I never had. The one who will always accept me and love me just the way I am

My two beauties!

The kids, including the Herrera girls, know the importance of making someone feel special on their day. Alexa and Ella spent the night at our house so when I woke up (yes I slept in!!!) they had made me some fancy necklaces and bracelets that even came with the jewelry holder. I mean look how much work they put into this, even their greeting cards. I had to also squeeze in the rose in the picture. I want to be able to always remember the gentleness of Amor who has never stopped giving me the magic that comes when a lady gets flowers.  

Can I just tell you I'm in MAC HEAVEN!!! Thank you Erika!!!!

A couple of days later Nayeli and I went to Rodizio. I had a coupon for a free meal which I got through their birthday club. We went for lunch and it was just perfect, not too crowded and with a good enough variety of food. As you know I value good food and this place never disappoints and to give it to you for free??? Can't get better than that!!!
 Ever had quail eggs???? Oh boy I think I just ate a bird egg...oh well at least they are fed with seeds. 

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