November 18, 2010

Activity Days

I have really loved being the Activity Days advisor for the 8- year-olds in our ward. The 8 and 9 year old group is so big that it got split back in the summer and that was when I, together with Tammy Parker, got called to be part the Activity Days program. These girls are a Light Shining Through! When I'm around them I feel such joy! They rock my world for they bring a smile and a laugh to me and those around them.
For our November/Thanksgiving Activity we divided the group between Indians and Pilgrims. The Indians got to make their own headbands out of strands of thin cardboard paper and feathers and the Pilgrims made necklines with a very pretty fabric I found at Hobby Lobby. I precut it for them so all they had to do was weave a piece of yarn through to tighten up the sides. Then they performed a play reenacting the first Thanksgiving dinner. I was very impressed that many of them knew their history quite well including the name of those famous personages like Squanto,etc. The play I had found previously and thought to be very age appropriate, as well as entertaining and educational. 
We closed the evening by decorating cupcakes as turkeys using candy corn and gumdrop candy. 
Good Times for sure!

Aren't they just DARLING????

Showing off their turkey style cupcakes and props (headband and neckline respectively) 

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