November 10, 2010


As I mentioned before, I have been working hard at getting E's education "up to speed." He is a very smart little boy and I have came to understand that in spite of his little talking, like a sponge he has been absorbing everything mad. 
I have set certain goals which I want accomplished by the time he starts kindergarten. 
One of those: Knowing how to write his name, which I can happily report he has met. Another one is knowing the alphabet. We started two weeks ago with the vowels. I hoped he was paying attention and enjoying what I was teaching but I wasn't sure. I remember thinking it was going to take us a whole lot of  time and a whole lot of effort...
But to my surprise, as we worked yesterday on one of our activities E' knew A and E (big and little ) without hesitation!!! 

One of his favorite activities was painting these letters and gluing all kinds of fun stuff on them

Just what I needed to motivate me more, To not doubt of my son's capabilities and to encourage him ALWAYS. He can do it!!!! I can do it!!!!! SI SE PUEDE!!! 


  1. Nice! Do you own the Letter Factory DVD? (Leap Frog). That works like a charm for learning the alphabet sounds. My 3 yr old "accidentally" learned them while watching with her sister over the course of about a month. Which was just fine with me :D. Writing the letters sometimes takes longer, depending on their eye-hand coordination level. Kids are so smart though. It's amazing how much they can learn when it's "fun" to them. Great job!

  2. No I don't. Thanks for the tip! I'm going to have to check into getting it! Thank you so much!