October 19, 2010


In September we went to Arizona followed by Mexico on vacation. We visited Grandpa, who lives in a small border town called Tombstone. Tombstone used to be a mining town that once it's industry vanished, it focused its energy towards tourism and western life. Tombstone is America's best example of the 1880's western heritage and it's well preserved with its original building from 1880. Needless to say, being in cowboy country might've as well been HEAVEN for E'.
It's very common to see people walking down the street dressed up as cowboys and the 1800's fashion. Grandpa got his grandson a pair of cowboy boots and his cowboy hat and together with his toy gun he was ready to play the part. We went to see different shows and plays based on that lifestyle and we really had a ton of fun. There were a lot of pretend guns and shootouts involved in our activities, and although I have always been against the use of firearms, even for play and leisure, being there helped me understand that these are a big part of the American culture and heritage.  As I think back, it makes sense how since you are little, growing up in another country (or at least Colombia), the first exposure you have of the United States is through the movies: the cowboys and Indian's movies. So here we were completely immersed in a cowboy world and I'm glad I got to experience it. I am glad  got to visit a Historic American Landmark. 

My son as usual being the best helper he can be.

Making us breakfast the first morning after arriving

Grandpa handmade these swings for the kids hanging from his backyard tree. So thoughtful of HIM!
In the town with people dressed as cowboys. Check out Baby's face! She doesn't really know what to think of it.
Learning to shoot. Did I ever imagine this in a million years? NEVER!
The most good looking little cowboy!

At a show, a pretty funny one!
The sunsets were just beautiful!
Every night the kids roasted marshmallows with Grandpa in the "Chimenea"

One night Grandpa watched the kids and Amor and I went to do my favorite thing: dancing!!! We went to this cowboy bar and enjoyed some life music and people watching :) 


First and only time you'll see Amor wearing cowboy boots
I tried getting a picture not only of the cute cancan outfit the bartender was wearing but also at her face when Amor asked her for water. LOL

We also went horseback riding and although we thought the kids wouldn't get enough of it, E' was totally scared of it and Katy kept complaining of the smell and the flies. So after a short time they were done. Too bad. I wanted to do it too but none wanted to go with me. Amor ran miles away from the scene as his allergies kicked in pretty bad.  

Grandpa loves Harleys and he owns one. I'm sure the kids can't wait until the day they can ride with him.

We also went to the OK Corral Shootout reenactment.

The fam with Wyatt Earp (famous cowboy)

With the actress playing Wyatt Earp's niece

At the Tombstone old newspaper building and my sweet son throwing a tantrum: so cute!

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