October 29, 2010


E' teases Baby. Baby teases E'. It's never ending. Mami gets mad. Mami gives up and decides to understand that this is the only way they know how to show their love to each other. At the beginning it was E' taking advantage of his size and age. This days Baby has put on a good battle and outsmarted all of us. She thinks the world revolves around her, that everything belongs to her and that her siblings, specially E' who "unfortunately" spends more time around her than Katy, are her loyal servants.
I sense Baby's emptiness when E' is not around and so is for E'. They spend a lot of time together...teasing.... but in their perfect world the teasing translates to love, care and play.
I just gotta keep smiling because after all I don't want these moments to go away!!!!

                                           THIS IS HOW THEIR DAYS START... 

and yes..E' still drinks the bottle...so???? ;)

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