October 26, 2010


 Initially, because of our finances, we decided that it would be best to continue the neighborhood preschool. What we do is that every week as moms we rotate the teaching of the children. There are 6 children so that means we teach at our home every 6 weeks. We follow a formal schedule as well as work on the goals that have been set since the beginning of the school year. The kids attend every Tuesday and Thursday from 10 to 12.

I have seen a lot of growth in E' compared to last year. He helps me and gets involved more now. He is all ears and follows as instructed.  I am just so in love with this little boy and absolutely PROUD of him.

The theme for my week was The Farm and the hit was teaching the kids all about milking cows. I used a glove I got from the hospital and filled it with milk. Then perforated a small hole with a needle and there it was ready to be squeezed or "milked". Not like I've ever done it before but not knowing any better we can truly say now we've all ALMOST milked a cow.


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