October 10, 2010

PAPI'S Birthday!

A walk in the park with Baby: PRICELESS
Amor turned 32!!! WOW!!! How fun it has been celebrating the last 9 birthdays of this guy's life. He values dearly those simple things that most of us take for granted. He turns the small into something big and precious. He is all smiles and as he "ages" his looks even more YOUNG and HANDSOME.
We celebrated that night by going to one of our favorite places: Braza Grill. It's Latin heaven and although it's Brazilian food, it's the closest you can get to really good Colombian food here. If you haven't gone, I highly recommend it. Go hungry and be prepared to eat lots of varieties of meats and Latin side dishes like YUCA and PLANTAINS. YUM!!!!!!!!!

Once home we found the kids had decorated the home in a very cute and interesting way...

And of course imagine how I felt when after all that food and drinks, I have to go pee really badly and this is what I find in my bathroom:

Our cute neighbor's kids decided they also wanted to enlighten Amor with their decorating skills. Needless to say I almost had an accident from all the laughing after seeing this.

So after all that it was time to sing our traditional "Cumpleaños Feliz" and blow 7 candles. That is how old the kids told Papi they wanted him to be...and so we did!

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