October 18, 2010

Mis ojos

Today I have been thinking a lot about my little boy. His eyes melt my heart and his touching hands warm my soul. E' is very loving towards me. He loves to give me kisses and hugs and has turned into this very obedient little boy. I can't complain anymore!
Lately I have been spending a lot of time with him because Katrina is at school full time and Baby takes very long naps. During that time when he is not playing with his little friends, I get my medicine of laughter for the day. I can't imagine my life without the sound of laughter. I am blessed for having been brought up in a place where family and friends and everyone around you has the passion to laugh no matter how bad things may seem. I don't see much of that around here but I am sure grateful to have this little person reminding me that I can still laugh...and LOUD. And this is why:

Because he LOVES dressing up and playing  the part. What that means is that everyone gets beat up, pushed down, spit on, ( I know gross but I have to say I've learned to like it) if on his way.

On the walls before bed pretending to be Spider Man

At Cherry Hill summer 2010 pretending to be a Pirate
 Because he teases me by mimicking me, copying me, taking things I need away from me and making me chase him, because he spanks my butt and then hides and because regardless of what I say he will go or do the opposite several times first before finally pleasing me with a huge mischievous smile.

Because he thinks everything from a pencil to a bottle can serve as a gun and shoots at every pretty girl that passes by.

The girls from the Herriman High Drill Team dancing for their first Football game 
 Because at four years old he has the full ability to rule his PAPI's world and get him to do whatever he wants. Smart little stinker!! And as I stand in the sidelines to watch this two interact I realize that it is OK, that this is the way they play it best.

My boys four wheeling at the cabin Sept/10
 Evan: Gordo you are my eyes! You give me each and every day a gift that the world is forgetting how precious it is. Thank you for making me LAUGH. I love you forever and thank you for allowing me to be your mother and loving me even though I can "brake your heart" at times.

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