October 21, 2010


What can I say??? My expectations were more than met. We drove 4 hours from Tombstone to the town of Puerto Peñasco in the Cortez Sea in the state of Sonora. The drive was boring and hot, sooo hot!!!! I can't even imagine thinking getting out of the comfort of my air conditioning running car, and yet all those women, men and children walk days and days through that terrain and those weather conditions in search of a dream. I don't know how they make it!

A view from our balcony

The resort was beautiful, the people were amazing, so loving and willing to go the extra mile to make sure we were happy and safe. We had seafood every day! I LOVE fish and I miss greatly the Colombian cuisine. The seafood in Mexico, although somehow different, reminded me a lot of home. Oh how happy I was!

Oysters anyone?

The biggest shrimp I've ever seen, Really!!
Below you are not seeing wrong. It is indeed me holding the head of a fish!!! "The eye: the most nutritious part of the fish." These are the words that came out of my mother's and abuela's mouth as I was growing up. Now I tell them to my children.

Our first day there happen to fall on the bicentenary anniversary or independence of Mexico. Amor, having served his mission there, really wanted to be with the people (el pueblo) and mingle with them. So we did. We were the only Americans and the only ones, of course, with "American" kids. I don't know who the police and military thought we were but they escorted us and gave us the VIP treatment. We stood out. We got the looks (in a good way) and we had people coming trying to befriends us. The streets downtown where the celebration was held were closed to traffic for the party and the music was vibrant and loud. There were tons of vendors, food and people everywhere. Just the way it's done in Colombia but yet so  "illegal" to our standards in the United States given the noise ordinances, traffic and parking laws, curfews, blah blah blah. I've always said people here don't know how to PARTY!!!!!

In the middle of the streets during the celebration

My sweet Katy enjoying some yummy Taquitos

Some of the local kids being friendly

Toto cansado y con calor/ Toto was tired and hot

The capital building decorated and lightened for the special Holiday

Our days were spent on the beach. The first time I stepped foot in the ocean in Mexico I cried. I literally cried. It felt just like las playas de Barranquilla. They were warm and waveless. I've been to most of the beaches in the US but none of them have I ever been able to compare to my beaches at home. What a special moment that was!!! and to be able to share that with my kids:  PRICELESS. The kids never got tired of the water. We spent hours and hours there. Baby finally got the speed and the confidence to walk. She had no boundaries, no limitations and she could just walk and walk and even if she fell, there was no pain because she was landing on sand.

Una cosa bella en el mar por PRIMERA VEZ/ A cute thing in the ocean for the 1st time


Amor in the sunset

The girl who can do it all!

These banana boats were a ton of fun. Toto got scared and didn't want to go fast. He asked to be dropped off so we did and then Katy and I went at full speed. Katy is so fearless!!! She reminds me of someone.....(?)
The guy driving the boat had lived in West Valley and was currently there because he had gotten deported. How sad. I obviously don't know the circumstances of his deportation but his English was perfect. He didn't even have an accent which led me to believe that he had lived in the US most of his life.

We also went sightseeing. Puerto Peñaso is a small town so there is not much to see. I was fascinated mostly with the things that identify their daily life and their routines. Like for example:

The fast seafood car
pan mexicano/mexican bread

The delivery "truck" of gummy bears

The local streets in the shopping district

We found two churches: The LDS Church...

And the Catholic Church...

And we also did the tourist stuff:

The monument in the main plaza or Malecon (the port)

shopping for gifts
 While most tourists ended up at the American ice cream place, we went across the street and had Mexican ice creams. Guava, Lime, Passion Fruit ice cream....YUM!

  The typical design and interior decoration of restaurants and homes in the area:

 And the sunsets were just beautiful and peaceful...

Toto seeing the ships go by in the port


Me quito el sombrero con la gente Mexicana. Que gente tan bella y amable. Me hicieron sentir muy feliz a mi y a mi familia. Estare siempre agradecida por ello. Ya comprendo porque tengo tantas amigas mexicanas aqui en Utah y nos llevamos tan bien! Son una gente muy especial y aunque amo a mi Colombia querida, ojala como pais y gente unida, pudieramos aprender un poco mas de la humildad, carisma y honestidad de esta gente. Que viva Mexico!


  1. Beautiful pictures. Please tell me you didn't eat that fish eye!

  2. YES I DID!!!!!!!!!! I'll have to make some fish for you one of these days (including eye and everything!) :)