October 31, 2010


That time of the year when I get so stressed trying to figure out where and how to hide all the candy from my kids has arrived. What's interesting about it all is that Katy and E' have been pretty obedient at consuming as much candy as I allow them to. But Baby is OUT OF CONTROL! She knows exactly what candy is and that she wants it and wants it NOW!!!!!! An how to keep the kids from not eating in front of her it's a hard task. For some reason I don't remember struggling like this with the two oldest plus I introduced them to candy later in life. But for Baby that hasn't been the case since she is so aware of everything her siblings do.
I guess I must not complain and be grateful that she is a big eater, not only in terms of candy but of everything else including all the green stuff.

Our Halloween activities consisted of a couple of Katy's performances at her dance studio, a neighborhood Carnival at the school, in which I, as part of the School Council, had to help most of the time but the kids had a blast with Amor and my in laws who also attended; E's parade and Halloween party at his Preschool, and afternoon at the Gallivan Center with their aunts and uncles and finally the cold night out in our neighborhood treak or treating.
Here are some pictures from some of the events.

The preschool kids! They are all boys except one girl. That day she said she wanted to get married so bad. She won't have a problem if she sticks with this preschool...LOL

Kids parading their customs. Check out Hulk in the back of E'. So funny and perfect for a cute chubby kid!

And of course we have Greek Goddess Kaylee who can't get enough of Baby.


The cutest Gnome in Halloween

The kids with their Aunt Mckenzie.

Kids downtown riding the train

It was cold, rainy and windy. Kids being kids still ventured out. I sent Amor with them. I wasn't gonna put up with that weather!! But I guess I wasn't the only who thought that way: I couldn't stop laughing when after every time someone came to the door to get candy it was the other kids with guess who? their Dads! It was such a funny scene! All those men out there and we the wives all inside in the comfort and warmth of our homes. We women definitely think alike! 

Before heading out treak or treating

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!

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  1. Love it! You've done a ton of work to get it up and running. I promise you will be so grateful for this blog one day