October 9, 2010


Life is full of choices. I feel blessed that throughout my life I've had choices and they have made me become who I am. But once in a while it comes the time when you have (you must) listen to your heart and make the choices that are right for your family.

For a few months I have known I would be going to see my long time friend and musician Shakira in concert. Just last week everything was arranged for us to be able to go backstage and like in the past spend some time with her.  There are millions of fans in this world who would give anything for an inch of this experience. Unfortunately, without any warning, our circumstances changed and I am left having to give up on seeing my friend and IT HURTS!

Although this choice may be a no brainer for many, it isn't for me because of what Shakira represented and meant to part of my life and my mother's life. Our bond in spite of the distance, in spite of our different worlds and in spite of her fame is still alive. Sometimes I wish that I could be more free spirited and go for my desires without worrying about the consequences. But I am not that way.

I hope my fear of wasting a great opportunity goes away and that I feel the peace that comes when you've done the right thing. I guess I will my see my friend again someday. For now I will continues dancing the WAKA WAKA with my children in the living room until I'm LOCA! LOCA LOCA LOCA!

Last time we were with Shakira (2006)
I had never made this picture public before. As much as I love it ,  I hate it too. I had just delivered my second baby a few weeks prior and have a ton of weight on me :(

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