October 20, 2010

Border Patrol

Border Patrol vehicles at a checkpoint

This needs to be a whole new post of its own given that I'm so opinionated and biased about immigration. It's a personal matter that affects me and half of me. There are always two sides of the story and I've spent numerous hours informing myself to understand better and try to give, even if it's an inch, of support to the immigrant community.
Given the recent media coverage on the passing of the Arizona Law SB1070 a few people I knew commented on our craziness of going to Arizona. People's misinformation and lack of willingness to learn about the whole truth make them believe things that are not totally right. Yes the law is controversial and it does encourage racial profiling, but being there in person also helped me understand the reasoning behind it and accept it in a way.
I fully support those who come out here seeking a better life or seeking to be reunited with their families. I support the descent humble immigrant who pays taxes and doesn't commit a crime. But I completely reject those who are here to take advantage of the system, who are given the opportunities and don't take them and don't work hard to become better but instead a burden to society. But above all I completely reject the actions of those involved in DRUG TRAFFICKING. I used to think Arizona was en "evil" state but now I also know: The people from Arizona are tired of it, and that is what we, who live away from border states, don't realize. There is a major problem with the traffic of drugs across the border and all the dangers associated with it. And I would love to believe that that was the only reason behind the law, but sadly because of those losers now every "good" illegal alien is paying the price.
So while there I saw several border patrols. We had to stop for them several times and go through their checkpoints and I am glad. If by what they are doing they are keeping the drugs away from the streets in my community and keeping the drug cartels from getting stronger and richer then I applaud them and I'm OK with my money, my taxes paying for it. And I only hope those who are crossing with good intentions make it to the other side!

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